Beyond The Thornbushes

Nothing could be farther than the sky

All Apologies

I am deeply sorry.


The world does not really need another blog. But I do. I need a place to mutter about my interests. This is all about me and my needs. But I am ever thinking of you my reader. Hence the previous execution of an apology. I hope that covers it and makes you feel better.

This GitHub hosted blog will be a place for my professional mutterings concerning software development and general geekery.


What kind of geekery you ask? I mostly work in the .Net space building web applications for big companies creating supportable, working, shipping software. The web apps for big companies part is usually nothing sexy or Hacker News worthy but I do my best to smooth out our user’s workday.

During my workday I build on a budding open source web framework called FubuMVC made by my Dovetail colleagues and quickly growing community. On the side I have been playing around with what people are calling Modern Javascript and alternative data stores and a bit of Vim on a fun little a Macbook.

There will also very likely be random anecdotes about my new career as a part-time stay at home dad which has nothing to do with anything technical. I apologize for this as well.

Speaking of random anecdotes…

Big and Little Nutbrown Hare looking up at the sky

Naming things is hard

Wondering where I got the title of the blog?

Then he looked beyond the thornbushes, out into the big dark night. Nothing could be farther than the sky.

You’ve likely figured out it has something to do with the bit about me being a stay at home dad a.k.a. SAHD. My 9 month old boy gets a story before bed and my favorite story is the legendary tale of Big Nutbrown Hare one upping Little Nutbrown Hare in Guess How Much I Love You. He, however, does not care about the story. He just wants a meal and to sleep.

Micro Book Review

In a way it is a terrible story containing an adult playfully toping his child’s attempts to communicate their love. Some might think it demeaning. I find it fun and playful.

More importantly for me it captures well the idea that the little one has no way of understanding the depth of his parent’s love. Becoming a parent made me have new respect for my parents. They have always given me lots of love and encouragement but never until now have I really known how deeply lies the foundation of their love for me.

Well my little and wonderful monster has awoken so that is it for today. Till he naps again.